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Hope Kids is a ministry of Living Hope Bryan to kids in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

We follow the mission of our body, “We are a Christian fellowship striving to love God and to love people”, only directed towards our kids.

We want to see the children our church and the surrounding community come to know, love and worship an Almighty Holy God, in the hopes that God would work through them to impact their lives, families, schools, and communities for Jesus Christ. We pray to see God instill hope in a generation that very few have hope for, and to disciple these precious children as an entire church body as Christ has very clearly called us to do. Our goal is to supplement discipleship that Christian parents are already doing in the home (NOT replace it, or even be the main outlet for it!) and to reach families with the Gospel so that parents can take up the role of lead pastors in their homes.

The activities we offer are grounded and directed by Scripture. We seek to further God’s mission, and the mission of Living Hope Bryan. As our mission states, we are about seeing people love God and love others. ‘The Great Commandment” (Matthew 22: 37-39) and “The Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20), are our main focuses in teaching and instilling through the activities that we do. Please look over some of the activities below that we have coming up or are doing every week at Living Hope Bryan.

Lastly, we want to ensure you that if you visit our church your children are in safe hands. Every single children’s ministry worker has had a background check performed on them, and no leader is ever alone with a child. As well, each minister is required to submit to a ministry covenant designed to help them grow in their walk with Christ and protect the children and the witness of the church.


There are several ways you can get involved in the Lord’s work in Hope Kids. Our biggest need is for leaders on Sunday mornings. This might mean that you would be simply hanging out with the kids, helping facilitate Hope Kids on Sunday mornings, leading in music, or be the person teaching the kids a memory verse. In addition, we highly encourage parents to get involved as well. Every Sunday morning, you can grab anyone serving in the children’s ministry (those with a volunteer shirt) for more details. If you want more information or would like to get involved contact Matt Moore.


The first Sunday of every month, we have Family Worship. This is where everyone normally in Hope Kids sits and participates in the service with their family. Please use this as a time for your kids to sit with you as these are formidable years for your kids to be influenced by you and your faith as you worship Christ together. Your kids are ALWAYS welcome to worship with you every Sunday morning, if that is your desire for them.


During our main worship times, our kids spend the prepare time and the first two worship songs with their family. Except for the first Sunday of each month, we offer a separate but similar worship time for children from kindergarten to 5th grade. During this time, children are led in and encouraged to worship God through song, teaching from bible, and playing games. The intent is not to babysit your children, but instead to lead them in an atmosphere of worship much like those in 6th grade on up who sit in the main service.  Several of our leaders also pick up children from the surrounding neighborhoods Bryan to join in the worship time with us as well. If you are interested in our ministry this would be a great time to come see what we are all about.


During the same times as adult discipleship / Sunday school classes, we offer a class for children as well.


AWANA is a dynamic program where kids learn interactively about God’s word, hide it in their heart and play great games. We meet most Sunday nights (see website for the schedule) at Living Hope in College Station during the school year and your child is welcome to join at any time. You can learn more about the AWANA program at

View the AWANA schedule.

Places you can serve: Every area of AWANA needs volunteers.


We love to get outside of the four walls of the church and pound the pavement! Two different times of the year, teams are sent out to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ in the surrounding communities in Bryan. These events are like Kids Hope, in that our goal is to teach the kids God’s Word in a fun atmosphere. Teams use music, teaching, drama, crafts, and games to share the love of Christ with any child that wants to come listen. The greatest blessing is to be teaching and having fun outside of the walls of the church in the neighborhoods of our own community.

These nights are an opportunity for the children to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ presented in creative and interactive ways, accompanied with a snack and game time.  We see God work in mighty ways when we get out in our community with the community and church members from our church, Living Hope College Station, and members of New Life.


We partner with Living Hope in a Vacation Bible School usually held during one of the first weeks of Summer


We partner with Living Hope and host a summer camp, during the last week of Summer for kids  who have finished 3 – 6th grade. This is such a blessed opportunity to pour into our kids on a deeper level and challenge them in Christ before the school year kicks back off


Living Hope Bryan exists to unite, grow, and serve others for the sake of proclaiming Christ. In Hope Kids this mainly is worked out in the following ways:

  • Unite
  • The families of our church by serving them and their children
  • Each other as we serve in ministry along one another
  • Grow
  • Parents, by providing more opportunities for them to focus on hearing God’s word
  • Children, by sharing God’s truth with them
  • Each other, by exercising the gifts God has given us for ministry
  • Serve
  • We serve parents, children, and the community we are in.


  • They would know and share the simple Gospel (see 1 Cor 15:3-4)
  • They would understand and be able to share the biblical worldview and basic bible doctrine:
  • Who God is (holy, perfect, all-good, all-powerful, all-wise, trinity)
  • Who man is (created for worship, lost in sin, need for salvation)
  • The work of Christ for the salvation of people (life, death, resurrection)
  • The proper response to Christ’s work (faith & repentance)
  • The return of Christ
  • They would lead others by example, especially younger children (1 Tim 4:12)