Support the Beason Street Vision

We are inviting you to participate in something great that God is doing.

Since 2009, Living Hope Bryan has made its temporary home at a local school off South College Avenue with hopes of making a lasting impact in the community for years to come. For this vision to one day come to fruition, the decision was made by the church to search for a piece of property where we could establish permanent and visible presence in the community. To our surprise, we discovered 9.29 acres of land less than a half mile from our current location which had carried with it a questionable history. More than 30 years ago, the land was originally designated to be a neighborhood, but these plans were abandoned due to contamination by a pesticide plant. As news of this unfortunate incident spread it created a negative outcome that has contributed to the decline in neighborhood, causing minimal development, and leading to higher crime rates. We know that God has called us to be a part of the solution. After much investigation, deliberation, and prayer, Living Hope Bryan moved forward with the purchase of the property.

We know that God is in the restoration business and does not leave things undone, forgotten or abandoned. We believe that this land can be used to bring hope to a place once forgotten and we are committed to be a part of His plan for this community.

What now? With more than 9 acres at our disposal, we began seeking how we could use this land to help the community. In the short term, we have used the land on Beason Street for community events that have brought people together and granted us the opportunity to forge new relationships of which we are incredibly grateful. While we have enjoyed the short-term benefits on the Beason Street property, ultimately, our desire is to develop a long-term vision for this land that would communicate that Living Hope Bryan loves this community. That being said, we present our vision for loving the community of Bryan. The overall vision for the Beason Street Property has been divided into two phases as follows:


Land Grading Complete
Detention Pond/Drainage Complete
82 Parking Spaces Complete
Sidewalk Complete
Electricity In Progress
Restroom Facilities In Progress
Multipurpose Field with Irrigation Complete
Community Garden In Progress
Landscaping $10,000
Land Amenities for Community (Soccer Goals, Basketball Goal, Park Benches, and Covered Seating) $ 16,000

Phase One of our Beason Street Vision is to create a space where the community can enjoy the property on an everyday basis. To make this a reality, the desire is to develop a Community Garden, install a Basketball Goal,  have a Multi-Purpose Field with Irrigation and Soccer goals,  provide some park benches/covered seating , and have outdoor restroom facilities. We believe that the possibilities to use a place like this would be many and would be a great blessing to the community. In addition to the community of Bryan being able to use these amenities, Living Hope Bryan would also be using them for events like Community Block Parties, Children’s Sports Camps, and Summer Camps and other mission-minded events to further build relationships with the people of the community.


Remainder of the Parking
Multipurpose Building
Additional Water Lines/Fire Hydrant

Upon completing Phase One of our vision, we would then move towards completing Phase Two which would involve building a large Multi-Purpose Building and completing the remainder of the parking that Living Hope Bryan would be able to use for ministry and would be available for community usage as well. Our desire is to be a good neighbor who shares what has been given to us.

As you can see from our brief description above, our desire is not to create something just for Living Hope Bryan but for the whole community to enjoy. The vision will not be accomplished without help of others like yourself. We are asking you to help us achieve this goal by donating funds or materials towards the completion of this Beason Street Vision. We believe that by God’s grace and the generous gifts of others, it will help bring about lasting change for years to come in the community of Bryan.

As we have said before, God is in the restoration business and does not leave things undone, forgotten, or abandoned especially concerning humanity. When sin entered man’s heart all of humanity became contaminated, condemned, and cast out from the presence of God, unable to restore our relationship with God. Therefore, God intervened on our behalf sending His Son, Jesus to live a perfect sin free life. Having no sin of His own, He bore our sins in His body on the cross, freeing us from the power and penalty of sin, and cleansing us to restore our relationship with God. Although this restoration is available to all mankind not all will receive it. Jesus said, “Whoever believes in me is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. If you have not entered into a restored relationship with God through faith in Christ, the only thing we are asking you to give is yourself to Christ through faith in His finished work on the cross because your eternal destination is far more important to us than your contribution. Having experienced this truth ourselves is what motivates us to even write this letter and be involved in this ministry.

If you would like to donate or even sponsor a part of this vision, we have included a breakdown of some estimated costs to complete the project. We realize that not everyone is called to actually do the work, but you can be personally involved through your gifts. Along with your possible help, we would covet your prayers in completing the task that God has called us to. We are committed to being a good steward of anything given to this project. We realize that there are many things that you can invest your money, time and prayers into, so we appreciate your consideration in being a part of this vision. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Eric Evje @ 979.220.7448/, Allen Palermo @ 979.777.2701/, or Bill Moss @ 979. 820.1576/ Or you can send tax deductible donations to:


Grace to You,
The Leadership of Living Hope Bryan