Beason Street Vision Report for February

1.  Currently the Vision Fund stands at $ 300,791.61
2. In addition to this we have opened a Construction Account which currently has a balance of $200.00. As we begin to spend money from the Vision Fund it will first be transferred over to the Construction Account. The Construction Account will better help us with book-keeping and make sure that only Designated Funds are spent on the Beason St Project
3. Phase 1 began with the installation of a silt fence in December, which is necessary before we can begin construction work. This will be followed by the grading of the land, detention pond work, the installation of a sidewalk per city ordinance, electricity to the land, and some parking.
4. Due to the amount of rain the land has accumulated the construction work is on hold until we have a 3-4 week dry period that will allow for heavy machinery to work on the land



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